The Wandering Jew

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an imaginary personage, who, for his cruelty to Christ during his passion, is doomed to wander on the earth till Christ's second coming.

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They say--do these hoary traditions--that when Titus sacked Jerusalem and slaughtered eleven hundred thousand Jews in her streets and by-ways, the Wandering Jew was seen always in the thickest of the fight, and that when battle-axes gleamed in the air, he bowed his head beneath them; when swords flashed their deadly lightnings, he sprang in their way; he bared his breast to whizzing javelins, to hissing arrows, to any and to every weapon that promised death and forgetfulness, and rest.
When the guide pointed out where the Wandering Jew had left his familiar mark upon a wall, I was filled with astonishment.
All I have revealed about the Wandering Jew can be amply proven by reference to our guide.
On one wall the subjects were described as "Illustrations of the Passions;" on the other, as "Episodes in the Life of the Wandering Jew.
Feeling no great desire, after these specimens, to look at any more of the illustrated Passions, I turned to the opposite wall to be instructed in the career of the Wandering Jew.
He never even seemed to come to his work on purpose, but would slouch in as if by mere accident; and when he went to the Jolly Bargemen to eat his dinner, or went away at night, he would slouch out, like Cain or the Wandering Jew, as if he had no idea where he was going and no intention of ever coming back.
THE LEGEND OF THE WANDERING JEW tells of a man who insulted Jesus during the Passion, refusing him rest, and mockingly urging him to hurry to his death.
No doubt the Wandering Jew, Nightly he steals my pocketbook.
The stereotype of the Wandering Jew includes not only a perpetually itinerant and infinite existence but also the universal knowledge of all things past and present, the idea that the world's suffering is personified in one man.
After searching for meaning in the backpacking trails, where he identified as the wandering Jew, he has found respite at Neuland.
The topics include Kosovo as a memorial site and its importance for the collective memory of the Serbs, discourses on the Wandering Jew in fin de siecle Germany and Austria, proposing a comparative study of audiovisual performance practices in Austria and the US, the everyday life of prisoners and the preservation of their moral integrity in the Czechoslovak and East German prisons after the Second World War, and Reagan shooting himself in the foot in the transatlantic dispute over the Soviet-West European gas pipeline during the 1980s.
Sir Donald's first London appearance was in 1924 as Phirous in The Wandering Jew, with Matheson Lang.