The car skidded

The car skidded   
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Eyewitnesses said that the driver apparently lost control of the wheels near Snado Gali village and the car skidded off the road and plunged into a deep ditch.
It is believed the car skidded on ice and came to rest at the side of the larger of the two roundabouts on the road.
The car skidded on the wet road and overturned several times.
The court was told by an accident expert that the wheels of Harvey's Mazda 3 locked as the car skidded on ice before smashing into Pat.
The motorist was travelling to work with her husband in the passenger seat when the car skidded while exiting the Belle Vue roundabout in Middlesbrough.
It is understood the car skidded on ice on a stretch of road under a flyover at Cangy.
I was close to the wall and my thoughts were meandering when I heard the screech of tyres behind me and before I could react, the car skidded past me, very close.
The car skidded off the A56 Chester Road, near Daresbury, on Sunday afternoon and came to rest in the undergrowth.
The car skidded into the kerb on the wrong side of the road before spinning through a roadside fence and into a wooded copse.
They were on their way home after having visited their son in Newton Abbot, when the car skidded on the icy road and crashed through bridge railings into the river.
The car skidded across the lawn and crashed into wall of the house's garage.
The car skidded up a driveway, across a corner of the front lawn and into the front entry way.

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