The day before yesterday

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The day before yesterday   
References in classic literature ?
And the day before yesterday they arrested Nikolay in a tavern at the end of the town.
He keeps repeating his old story about the murder: 'I know nothing of it, never heard of it till the day before yesterday.
I did exactly what you have done the day before yesterday.
Only the day before yesterday he went to see all his patients, even those who lived farthest away; it was as if he had known what was going to happen; and he spoke to every one whom he met, saying, 'Good-bye, my friends,' each time.
You can't feed yourself on the day before yesterday, it's ground which has been swept dry.
They went to Edinburgh together the day before yesterday.
I'm very glad to find that you don't call yourself out of your name, sir,' said Mrs Blockson; 'and as I had two twin children the day before yesterday was only seven weeks, and my little Charley fell down a airy and put his elber out, last Monday, I shall take it as a favour if you'll send nine shillings, for one week's work, to my house, afore the clock strikes ten tomorrow.
She is not here; she went to Garum the day before yesterday.
However, when I walked over it the day before yesterday and it was reported ready, I found that I was not housekeeper enough to know whether things were all as they ought to be.
At five o'clock this morning, there he was at the pump, though any one would think he had gone through enough, the day before yesterday, to be pretty fast asleep at that time.
They have some business with you, I think, from what they told me the day before yesterday.
he will answer, "I had a headache the day before yesterday.