The holidays

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any fixed or usual period for relaxation or festivity; especially, Christmas and New Year's day with the intervening time.

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On that same evening there was to be one of the balls that Iogel (the dancing master) gave for his pupils durings the holidays.
Marlow had made their acquaintance one summer in the country, where they were accustomed to take a cottage for the holidays .
Now, in my time, when we got home by the old coach, which put us down at the cross-roads with our boxes, the first day of the holidays, and had been driven off by the family coachman, singing "Dulce Domum" at the top of our voices, there we were, fixtures, till black Monday came round.
Anne was lonely; Diana, during the whole of the holidays, was imprisoned at home with a bad attack of bronchitis.
A slave who would work during the holidays was considered by our masters as scarcely deserving them.
He had his top-boots in his room, in which he used to hunt in the holidays.
Last holidays you licked the paint off my lozenge-box, and the holidays before that you let the boat drag my fish-line down when I'd set you to watch it, and you pushed your head through my kite, all for nothing.
She kept a calendar of the holidays in this way, and every morning checked a day off in exactly the same manner.
As he drained his glass, but shook his head when I wished to replenish it, Raffles showed me the flask which he had carried in his pocket: it was still nearly full; and I found that he had otherwise provisioned himself over the holidays.
Cliff's Holiday" has been the name of it ever sin' I were a boy; that's to say, some said as it was the holiday Old Harry gev him from roasting, like.
So now, two days before the holiday, Martha had been twice to see Vasili Andreevich and had got from him wheat flour, tea, sugar, and a quart of vodka, the lot costing three rubles, and also five rubles in cash, for which she thanked him as for a special favour, though he owed Nikita at least twenty rubles.
Walking into the City in the holiday afternoon, he walked against a living stream setting out of it; and thus, when he turned into the precincts of St Mary Axe, he found a prevalent repose and quiet there.