The inner sense

capacity of the mind to be aware of its own states; consciousness; reflection.

See also: Sense

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The inner sense of satisfaction is enough reward to keep a retiree warm as he makes his way through life unnoticed and unrecognized by the young "star" executives or at times given the cold shoulder by an egotistical former subordinate wrapped in her own self-importance.
But all this universe of remote magic, for which Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake, is connected to a problem of psychology--developed by Aristotle and resumed by the Stoics, that of the inner sense.
In successive chapters she explores: the inner sense of age, intergenerational conflict, aging and sexual desire, aging and interdependency (including brief discussions of several works of mine), ways of resisting ageism and, finally, coming to terms with old age and the loneliness it often entails by "affirming life.
Doing research on this question has great importance for my studies of language, because I will focus on the inner sense of the English language which develops from the faculty of language in the human brain.
London, Nov 3 (ANI): There exists not just one, but a second pathway behind the inner sense of our cardiovascular state- our "interoceptive awareness" of the heart pounding, a new University of Iowa study has found.
w]e are in a position to allow an object to affect us strongly or weakly, long or short this or that object of the inner sense.
In examining two exemplary writings of Japanese sport fiction for young adults, I will now focus on two points in this essay--one is the vivid description of the inner sense of the protagonists' bodies, which is related to their self-identification, and the other is the motivation of the female authors.
These poems, carefully worded, tell life stories of women, deliver powerful messages, depicting the truth and the inner sense that often get lost in scientific literature and are intrinsically capable of influencing individuals' thinking and understanding (even of health professionals who are far removed from the realities of who these women are).
I really work off the talent of the individual skater to tap into the inner sense of who they are and their own body rhythms," she explains.
A lack of fit between the innate sense of father and perceptions of the personal father generates a dissonant image, laden with negative affect; congruence between the inner sense of father and the personal father produces a psychologically resonant father image.
This separation of mind and body is incompatible with the inner sense that healing is a great mystery.
Further, he stipulates that the inner sense view pertains only to states we are conscious of.

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