The last chance

the sole remaining ground of hope.

See also: Chance

References in classic literature ?
If the chance of forcing a confession from the Count is, as I believe it to be, the last chance left of publicly establishing the fact of Laura's existence, the least selfish reason that I can advance for our marriage is recognised by us both.
I know that her fortune is gone--I know that the last chance of restoring her to her place in the world lies at the mercy of her worst enemy, of a man who is now absolutely unassailable, and who may remain unassailable to the end.
If they lose to-morrow, they may lose the last chance of finding her.
Come, Conseil," said I, "this is the last chance of pocketing the two thousand dollars.
I saw that the last chance had the best show, but I didn't waste any bother about that; time was too precious.
Old scores could be settled, and it was the last chance, for the blacks who departed on the Arangi never came back.
The last chance of penetrating the mystery of Ferrari's disappearance seemed to rest now on what Ferrari's former fellow-servant might be able to tell.
During a hearing on February 2, the sessions court gave PTI chief's counsel Babar Awan the last chance to appear in court, as the latter had been a constant no-show since the defamation suit was filed in July 2017.
It's absolutely not the last chance for people to help save HRI.
This is the last chance to react, the last chance for the people to defeat the junta in power.
The Chinese billionaire tweeted: "Everyone worth being given one more chance but have to say that would be the LAST chance Gabby could win at VP.
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