The learned

learned men; men of erudition; scholars.

See also: Learned

References in classic literature ?
So it came about that the monks who lived a quiet and peaceful life became the learned men.
Only in that single house, which stood opposite that in which the learned foreigner lived, it was quite still; and yet some one lived there, for there stood flowers in the balcony--they grew so well in the sun's heat
I think my shadow is the only living thing one sees over there," said the learned man.
Next morning, the learned man went out to drink coffee and read the newspapers.
It was known to everybody at home, in the cold lands; and if the learned man now came there and told his story, they would say that he was imitating it, and that he had no need to do.
Be quite at thy ease about that," said the learned man; "I shall not say to anyone who thou actually art: here is my hand--I promise it, and a man's bond is his word.
Now I shall tell you my adventures," said the shadow; and then he sat, with the polished boots, as heavily as he could, on the arm of the learned man's new shadow, which lay like a poodle-dog at his feet.
I beg your pardon," said the learned man; "it is an old habit with me.
said his friends to him; and the learned man trembled, for he thought of it.
By the device therefore of his motto, it became impracticable for any man to presume to imitate the Spectators, without understanding at least one sentence in the learned languages.
Let the reports of all the learned societies come to us, and we will see if they know anything.
His collection is interesting and important, not only as the parent source or foundation of the earlier printed versions of Aesop, but as the direct channel of attracting to these fables the attention of the learned.