The main chance

the chief opportunity; that upon which reliance is had, esp. self-interest.

See also: Chance

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Bad" in the master-morality must be applied to the coward, to all acts that spring from weakness, to the man with "an eye to the main chance," who would forsake everything in order to live.
After which kind of speeches, in which fashion and the main chance were blended together, and after a kiss, which was like the contact of an oyster--Mrs.
To explain the problematic existence of the chevalier, the historian, whom Truth, that cruel wanton, grasps by the throat, is compelled to say that after the "glorious" sad days of July, Alencon discovered that the chevalier's nightly winnings amounted to about one hundred and fifty francs every three months; and that the clever old nobleman had had the pluck to send to himself his annuity in order not to appear in the eyes of a community, which loves the main chance, to be entirely without resources.
The money was paid, and I became the vassal of Colonel Silky; a titular soldier, but a traveling trader, who never lost sight of the main chance either in his campaigns, his journeys, or his pleasures.
Bududreen, the Malay mate was equally harassed by conflicting desires, though of a different nature, or he had his eye upon the main chance that was represented to him by the great chest, and also upon the lesser reward which awaited him upon delivery of the girl to Rajah Muda Saffir.
And as to the father, he was a man in a hurry of public affairs and getting money, seldom at home, thoughtful of the main chance, but left all those things to his wife.
Sadly, the existence of the traditional boozer where locals gather to pass judgement on everything from foreign affairs to football managers is threatened by unscrupulous property developers with eyes for the main chance.
That was the main chance of the game and I missed that, I twitched it.
His book clearly outlines that the crisis is not a simple fact of Russian aggression but results from a shabby, sordid Ukrainian Government seeking the main chance by hitching on to US & EU policies to push ever further East the borders of the EU and correspondingly the reach of NATO
Then came the announcement by Danny Alexander - a man who relishes the main chance in the same way that a hungry boa constrictor regards an approaching mongoose - that the Liberal Democrats have changed their view of the so-called bedroom tax.
There's a slim chance that the proposals can be revived, but the main chance passed on Tuesday.
The main chance for Droopys Hester rests on him cutting loose from the pack, but he is far from certain to enjoy such a luxury.