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Is it not true that the more he took on the disabilities of our condition," Erasmus asks, "the more he loved us?
The current consensus, after all, is that these are "Kynges games, as it were stage playes, and for the more part plaied vpon scafoldes.
However, given Simpson's avowed liberal sympathies, and despite his laudable commitment to reaching beyond both a simplistic celebration of evangelicals as liberators and a reductive dismissal of anti-evangelicals, his treatment of some of the more problematic features of More is surprising.
Unlike, say, Debbie Lee, whose Slavery and the Romantic Imagination treats the principal British Romantic writers, Gould hardly acknowledges the more prominent Anglo-American authors and texts of the period from the 1770s to the 1810s.
ON THE RUN: Christopher More,left, is wanted in connection with the death of Brian Waters, right; the More family's home in Lymm,above; and,below, Christopher More's car
In reading the Kristeller of the 1970s, one is transported to the More of the 1910s:
Would-be visitors unexpectedly confronted the conflation of political and spatial barriers, an experience made all the more jarring and timely following the softening of borders within the EU, as well as their recent tightening in other parts of the world.
Forres started the second half the more lively and had a golden chance to equalise in the 53rd minute but Franny More's bullet cross somehow evaded everyone in the box.
In addition to the More, Evans discusses marked copies of the Bible, Seneca, Apuleius, Chaucer, Lipsius, and Clement Edmondes's Observations upon Caesar's Commentaries.
The more sophisticated existing MoreVRP solution packages - used today by leading companies including major finance and telco organizations such as Orange, BondDesk Group, InterCall, Plimus, Live Person and others - offer the added industry-unique ability to proactively and instantaneously accelerate database transaction performance.
63) Such an afflicted soul, apart from seeking medicine and good counsel, should go to Confession so that "the devil has not the more power upon him.
Wilson's version of Proust, already subjected to a liberal critique, was all the more vulnerable to More's conservative critique.

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