The pathetic

a style or manner adapted to arouse the tender emotions.

See also: Pathetic

References in classic literature ?
There are four kinds of Tragedy, the Complex, depending entirely on Reversal of the Situation and Recognition; the Pathetic (where the motive is passion),--such as the tragedies on Ajax and Ixion; the Ethical (where the motives are ethical),--such as the Phthiotides and the Peleus.
The story of Burns' mature life is the pathetic one of a very vigorous nature in which genius, essential manliness, and good impulses struggled against and were finally overcome by violent passions, aggravated by the bitterness of poverty and repeated disappointments.
So saying, he pointed to the little goat, who, on seeing Charmolue gesticulating, had, in point of fact, thought it appropriate to do the same, and had seated himself on his haunches, reproducing to the best of his ability, with his forepaws and his bearded head the pathetic pantomine of the king's procurator in the ecclesiastical court.
Jane and Ruby almost always cry when I come to the pathetic parts.
With tears and prayers and tender hands, Mother and sisters made her ready for the long sleep that pain would never mar again, seeing with grateful eyes the beautiful serenity that soon replaced the pathetic patience that had wrung their hearts so long, and feeling with reverent joy that to their darling death was a benignant angel, not a phantom full of dread.
Pursuing the light so fortunately hit upon, and finding the concurrent testimony of the whole of Mrs General's acquaintance to be of the pathetic nature already recorded, Mr Dorrit took the trouble of going down to the county of the county-widower to see Mrs General, in whom he found a lady of a quality superior to his highest expectations.
It was a curious mixture of the pathetic and the ludicrous,--the little old stockings,--black crape,--text-book,--fair, soft curl,--and Topsy's utter distress.
Her death has all the pathetic uselessness of martyrdom, all its wasted beauty.
1 Laura Robson responded: "I'm not convinced the pathetic hashtag can apply to one of the best players of all time?
She also expressed her chagrin over the pathetic condition of about 14,000 hapless kin of missing persons , stressing Defence Minister Khawaja Asif to look into the issue, since (according to her) Khawaja Asif possessed the complete data about missing persons.
Times of Oman first highlighted the pathetic life of the labourers who were depending on food distributed at mosques during the holy Ramadan month to stave off hunger.
Residents of the area told to news agency that cantonment board staff is regularly receiving tax from the area, but not paying attention toward the pathetic condition of the area.