The pathetic

a style or manner adapted to arouse the tender emotions.

See also: Pathetic

References in classic literature ?
There are four kinds of Tragedy, the Complex, depending entirely on Reversal of the Situation and Recognition; the Pathetic (where the motive is passion),--such as the tragedies on Ajax and Ixion; the Ethical (where the motives are ethical),--such as the Phthiotides and the Peleus.
However, if some are concerned with only a 68% turnout, this figure is a substantive improvement on the pathetic voting figures for the recent mayoral elections, with a reported 6% of the electorate voting in the election which failed Labour MP Andy Burnham participated in, or the even more pathetic figures for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.
He telephoned Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after taking serious notice of the news broadcasted regarding the pathetic incident of the burning of three women at Tehkal precinct in Peshawar and has called a detailed report immediately.
1 Laura Robson responded: "I'm not convinced the pathetic hashtag can apply to one of the best players of all time?
Times of Oman first highlighted the pathetic life of the labourers who were depending on food distributed at mosques during the holy Ramadan month to stave off hunger.
PATHETIC MOTORWAYS OF THE UK You don't often think of a motorway as "pathetic", but the Pathetic Motorways website has a long list of major roads that it considers qualify as such in one way or another.
THE pathetic wrist slap handed out to the dangerous children responsible for the animal slaughter raises serious questions.
HOW many more deaths are to occur at the notorious Catthorpe Interchange on the M6 before the road planners grasp the nettle and construct a proper junction to replace the pathetic mini-islands at the convergence of the two busiest motorways in the country?
So getting bombed by the pathetic Bobcats is no worse than losing to an elite team, as they did a couple of nights before in Detroit.
Of his own exhibition "Just Pathetic," he offers, "Georges Bataille was closer to the pathetic spirit; that also comes from a history of philosophical thought that deals with the roots of comedy, including Baudelaire's notion of 'satanic laughter.
If you believe in the pathetic fallacy, the frigid temperatures during the 53rd Berlin International Film Festival had much to say about what was happening outside the cinemas.
In some classical poetic forms such as the pastoral elegy, the pathetic fallacy is actually a required convention.