The probable

that which is within the bounds of probability; that which is not unnatural or preternatural; - opposed to the marvelous.

See also: Probable

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Constitutions of civil government are not to be framed upon a calculation of existing exigencies, but upon a combination of these with the probable exigencies of ages, according to the natural and tried course of human affairs.
He was certainly more eager in these visits than the probable speed of events required him to be; but he was stimulated by a fatherly delight in occupying his mind with this bit of probable happiness which he held in store like a hidden birthday gift for Fred and Mary.
This, the prosecution said, was different from the probable cause that is the standard of proof to justify the filing of an information in court.
The defendant argued that the search was unreasonable as the probable cause was focused on the bag and it was just a coincidence that it was placed in the vehicle.
Although the FASB does not believe that tax opinions are required or appropriate in all instances, it noted that an unqualified "should prevail" tax opinion from a qualified expert, for which all conditions are objectively verifiable, may help to demonstrate that the probable threshold has been met.
As important, the requirement to base the probable level of confidence solely on the technical merits of the position and without consideration of the possibility of offset or aggregation with other positions is artificial and not meaningful for tax practitioners.
Those who met the probable case definition and had laboratory-confirmed botulism were considered definite case-patients.
The court found that "arguable probable cause" exists if either it was objectively reasonable for an officer to believe that probable cause existed, or if officers of reasonable competence could disagree on whether the probable cause test was met.
A loss of a known amount attributable to a known asset is simply a loss, not a loss contingency, which involves an estimate of the probable loss incurred that is not known with certainty-- an estimate that must be made to recognize the loss in the loss period.
The probable and possible components of reserves are comprised of 538.
Acute-phase and convalescent-phase serum samples were obtained for four of the probable cases, and seroconversion to SARS-CoV occurred in three samples, including samples from the patient for whom RT-PCR was negative (patient D, Figure 1).
The court ruled that the second entry into the apartment by the police to effectuate the arrest was reasonable because the undercover officer was earlier given consent to enter, and the probable cause that the undercover officer had to arrest the suspects had not dissipated in the short 15 to 20 minutes between the time he left and the second entry by the arrest team.

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