The quality

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those of high rank or station, as distinguished from the masses, or common people; the nobility; the gentry.

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Touching these matters, therefore, let it be granted that David excels Porthos; and in divers similar qualities the one is no more than a match for the other, as in the quality of curiosity; for, if a parcel comes into my chambers Porthos is miserable until it is opened, and I have noticed the same thing of David.
It was the quality that was peculiarly the possession of his kind; the quality that set apart his species from all other species; the quality that has enabled the wolf and the wild dog to come in from the open and be the companions of man.
The word gentleman has not any correlative abstract to express the quality.
Moreover, I never heard of you until you came here; whereas Wayoff is noted for the quality of its pork and contains hogs of distinction.
All the excellence of cattle, whether as a race or as individuals, and, in consequence, the quality of the milk and meat, depends upon the care that is expended upon them.
The quality of our leather had improved; and why should we not use it ourselves, and before very long make our own shoes at moderate prices?
So long as the quality and the low prices can be maintained, here are two inexhaustible sources of wealth for the canton, which suggested to my mind the idea of establishing three fairs in the year.
Beyond our knowledge, we are hired for the quality of service we provide.
So much more goes into the quality picture than just pleasing the resident at the table.
Despite software's increased importance to organizations, the quality of software is often lacking.
The PSTN network is engineered to accommodate the human voice, and the user's perception of the quality of a telephone conversation depends upon the real-time transmission of the voice signals.