The quality

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those of high rank or station, as distinguished from the masses, or common people; the nobility; the gentry.

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Within the ACSI Methodology, "Perceived Quality" is defined as "a measure of the customer's evaluation via a recent consumption experience of the quality of a company's products or services.
Beyond our knowledge, we are hired for the quality of service we provide.
So much more goes into the quality picture than just pleasing the resident at the table.
Despite software's increased importance to organizations, the quality of software is often lacking.
The PSTN network is engineered to accommodate the human voice, and the user's perception of the quality of a telephone conversation depends upon the real-time transmission of the voice signals.
In addition to working closely with the Department of Labor to recommend and assess the quality of work regarding employee benefit audits, the AICPA:
If it is a requirement of some standard, such as an ISO 9000 QMS, then there is an issue with other areas of the quality management system.
Faced with this situation, schools will respond by lowering the quality of teachers relative to workers in other professional occupations and raising the quantity of teachers e mployed.
The quality of a firm's work reduces the risk of error and, thus, exposure to legal action.
The challenge here is obviously on the technical and clinical expertise of the provider group to manage the various input resources via their own clinical processes, so as to maximize the quality of health output.
Although the latter three senior committees were represented, the quality control system described in SQCS no.