The sacred college

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the college or cardinals at Rome.

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4) David Kerr, "Cardinal Burke Reflects on his First Year in the Sacred College," Catholic News Agency, November 28, 2011.
20 -- The supreme head of world's Roman Catholic Church- Pope Benedict XVI, has convened a meeting of the Sacred College of Cardinals at the Vatican to discuss religious freedom, wide-spread priestly sex scandals and a new dispute with China over an unsanctioned ordination that threatens the already-strained Vatican - Beijing relations.
He discusses the office of the papacy, the sources and meanings of the current election process, the role of the sacred college of cardinals, and other aspects.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The Sacred College of Cardinals; 2 The International Red Cross; 3 Lord Peter Wimsey; 4 Abraham Lincoln; 5 Water.
Six months earlier, on 26 June 1517, he had been transferred from the cardinal deacon church of Santa Maria in Domnica to the cardinal priest church of San Clemente, and about a week later, on 6 July, to the cardinal priest church of San Lorenzo in Damaso, formerly held by the dean of the Sacred College, Rafaello Riario (ca.
Rivera: Archbishop Rodriguez Maradiaga, as a cardinal, is always papabile, as are naturally all the members of the Sacred College.
24, 1942; and at the Sacred College on June 2, 1943.
If he did decide to hand over his duties, a successor would be chosen by the Sacred College of Cardinals.
In the second section of the second part Vones details how Urban renewed the Sacred College by appointing fourteen new cardinals during his pontificate, a replacement of two-thirds of its personnel.
This spectacle--the elevation of 44 more men to the Sacred College of Cardinals in Vatican City--rivals the pomp of British monarchy and the circumstance of aristocracy.
Only Asian among the 24 prelates drawn to the Sacred College of Cardinals
President Mary McAleese said: "I extend sincerest best wishes to you on your elevation to the Sacred College of Cardinals.