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Noun1.Theaceae - a family of trees and shrubs of the order Parietales
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Hypericales, order Hypericales, order Parietales, Parietales - a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
genus Camellia - tropical Asiatic evergreen shrubs or small trees
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Green tea belonging to family Theaceae is one such example of functional drinks containing bioactive molecules holding cure against various diseases.
During the last 25 years, green tea, which is derived from Camellia sinensis (an evergreen member of the Theaceae family), has gained considerable attention because of its purported antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.
2] Torre, zona Asteraceae amortiguadora Betulaceae PNN Nevados Solanaceae 3000-3300 m Actinidaceae Theaceae Cyatheaceae Reserva la Torre, Asteraceae 8.
sinensis, a species of flowering plants in the family Theaceae.
0 2 Theaceae Schima Ericales 0 1 0 2 Theophrastaceae Theophrasta Ericales 0 1 0 2 Torricelliaceae Torricellia Apiales 1 0 0 1 Tribelaceae Tribeles 0 0 0 1 Vahliaceae Vahlia 0 0 0 2 Valerianaceae Valeriana Dipsacales D ?
Associated with plants of Pedocarpaceae, Theaceae and Taxaceae in southern china.
A Camellia sinensis, pertencente a familia Theaceae, e uma arvore que pode alcancar varios metros de altura, nativa da China cultivada em mais de 30 paises (Sharangi, 2009).
It is obtained from the nonfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis belonging to family Theaceae, which contains more catechins than black tea or oolong tea.
The forest is a mid-mountain moist evergreen broad-leaved forest, in which Fagaceae, Lauraceae, Magnoliaceae and Theaceae are the dominant species with an average height of 9-9.
Camellia sinensis is the tea plant belongs to family Theaceae.