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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of Pteropoda comprising those species which have a shell. See Pteropoda.
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Incluyen los ordenes Thecosomata y Gymnosomata (Lalli & Gilmer, 1989).
Todas las especies identificadas en este estudio, tambien se distribuyen en el Atlantico frente a la costa argentina, que incluye 56 especies de Thecosomata (Euthecosomata: 43 especies y Pseudothecosomata: 13 especies) (Van der Spoel & Boltovskoy, 1981).
Phylogenetic analysis of Thecosomata Blainville, 1824 (Holoplanktonic Opisthobranchia) using morphological and molecular data.
Distribucion de los pteropodos (Gastropoda: Thecosomata y Pseudothecosomata) deI Golfo de Mexico y zonas adyacentes.
Pteropodos (Gastropoda: Thecosomata y Pseudothecosomata) del estrato superficial (0-50 m) del sur del Golfo de Mexico.
In the Thecosomata Cavolina tridentata and Cymbulia peronii, the D quadrant is smaller than A, B, and C (Fol 1875).
In the opisthobranchs Cavolinia tridentata (Fol 1875) and Cymbulia peronii (Pelseneer 1911), representatives of the Thecosomata, it has been observed that the A, B, and C quadrants are larger than D.
Fish larvae showed the highest taxa number (107 taxa ranging from family to species) decreasing with Decapoda (56), Copepoda (35), Thecosomata (17), Amphipoda (15), Siphonophora (10), Chaetognatha (7), Euphausiacea (6), Cladocera (2), Mysidacea (2), Appendicularia (1), and Cephalopoda (1) (Table 3).
0 Thecosomata inflexa (Lesueur) Creseidae Creseis 0.
In order to cover all the water masses that have a seasonal influence on the continental shelf of the extreme south of Brazil, the zooplankton groups pteropod Thecosomata (oceanic), cladoceran (coastalneritic), and chaetognaths (widely distributed) were selected and used for multivariate analyses, establishing associations of species as hydrological indicators.