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(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of thane



1. (in Anglo-Saxon England) a person ranking between an earl and an ordinary freeman, holding land of the king or a lord in return for services.
2. (in medieval Scotland) a person holding land of the king; a baron.
[before 900; late Middle English, Scots variant of Middle English thain, thein, Old English thegn, c. Old Saxon thegan man, Old High German degan servant, warrior, Old Norse thegn subject; akin to Greek téknon child]
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The veil remained--and remains--unlifted but it provided James with inspiration for The Outcry, in which an elderly and impoverished English peer, Lord Theign intends to sell a valuable Reynolds portrait, while his friend Lady Sandgate has a Lawrence on offer: the putative buyer in both cases is a rich American, Breckenridge Bender, who at one point declares: 'I take more interest in what I want than in what I have.