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Noun1.Thelypteridaceae - genera Thelypteris, Phegopteris, and others
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
genus Thelypteris, Thelypteris - marsh ferns: in some classification systems considered part of genus Dryopteris in family Dryopteridaceae
Amauropelta, genus Amauropelta - epiphytic or terrestrial ferns of America and Africa and Polynesia
genus Christella - medium to large terrestrial ferns of tropical forests of Old World to Americas
Cyclosorus, genus Cyclosorus - small genus of terrestrial ferns of tropical and subtropical southern hemisphere
genus Macrothelypteris, Macrothelypteris - medium to large terrestrial ferns of tropical Asia to Polynesia and Australia; naturalized in Americas
genus Meniscium, Meniscium - terrestrial ferns of tropical Americas
genus Oreopteris, Oreopteris - 3 species of ferns formerly included in genus Dryopteris or Thelypteris
genus Parathelypteris, Parathelypteris - terrestrial ferns of warm and tropical Asia and North America
genus Phegopteris, Phegopteris - beech ferns: genus is variously classified: considered alternative name for genus Dryopteris or included in genus Thelypteris
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A contribution to the gametophyte morphology and development in several species of Thelypteris, Thelypteridaceae.
subtriphylla (Hooker & Amott) Copeland Thelypteridaceae Cyclosorus acuminatus (Houttuyn) Nakai C.
asiaq tomate, tomate qura Thelypteridaceae Thelypteris Palma qora, 10 glandulosolanosa (C.
La familia con mas especies fue Polypodiaceae con cuatro especies, seguida por Thelypteridaceae, Blechnaceae, Anemiaceae, Cyatheaceae y Gleicheniaceae con dos especies cada una.
doradilla; H; M; PU: O Selaginella stellata Spring; doradilla; H; M; PU: O Thelypteridaceae Cyclosorus dentatus (Forssk.
Especies Piperaceae Piper 9 Araceae Anthurium 5 Thelypteridaceae Thelypteris 5 Melastomataceae Clidemia 4 Melastomataceae Miconia 4 Araceae Philodendron 4 Heliconiaceae Heliconia 4 Maranthaceae Calathea 3 Rutaceae Citrus 3 Solanaceae Solanum 3
Candindi EC 5062 THELYPTERIDACEAE Thelypteris dentata Cashine EC 4879 (Forssk.
Brownsey et Jermy (Family: Thelypteridaceae, English: soft fern, Bengali: dheki shak) is a common fern species of Bangladesh and can be found throughout the country.
X THELYPTERIDACEAE (Fern Family) Thelypteris palustris Schott var.