Thematic catalogue

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(Mus.) a catalogue of musical works which, besides the title and other particulars, gives in notes the theme, or first few measures, of the whole work or of its several movements.

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One such accomplishment is the Thematic Catalogue of the Music Collection of the Premonstratensian Monastery in Zeliv (Catalogus Collectionis Operum Artis Musicae De Monasterii Siloensis), published last year by the National Library of the Czech Republic within the Catalogus artis musicae in Bohemia et Moraviae cultae edition.
The centenary of Vic Legley's birth (19151994) was the perfect occasion to set up an exhibition devoted to the Belgian composer, but the most important celebration of his centenary will be the online thematic catalogue of Legley's works.
The piece is one of Britten's childhood works that has been studied and recorded by students at the Conservatoire to contribute to the Britten Thematic Catalogue, an ongoing project set up by the Britten-Pears Foundation to record all of Britten's work.
Thematic catalogue of troubadour and trouvere melodies.
Graced with a lengthy, informed, and informative introduction, "Thematic Catalogue of Troubadour and Trouvere Melodies" is superbly organized beginning with a thematic catalogue of troubadour melodies, and index of trouvere composers and their songs, and the contents of both troubadour and trouvere manuscripts.
Such an approach leads Bricault to generate a quasi-encyclopedic lexical compendium and thematic catalogue, and while it is clear that in so doing she will broach many important features of Barbey's stories, it is equally clear that the very promising concept of the threshold becomes so diluted by such metaphoric inflation as to become meaningless and useless as an analytic tool.
List of Works" follows the numbering of the thematic catalogue of the Stradella's works that Gianturco and Eleanor McCrickard published in 1991, while appendix two, "Stradella's Extant Writings," contains texts and translations of twenty-four letters, two opera dedications, and four motet texts.
Camille Saint-Saens, 1835-1921: A Thematic Catalogue of His Complete Works, Volume II: The Dramatic Works.
The approximately one-hour-long SACD, furnished with a pleasing graphic design, informative booklet and track list, including the sequencing of Dvorak's works in Burghauser's Thematic Catalogue, was recorded in a high quality in January 2011 at Berlin's Studio Gartnerstrasse.
Gibbons' latest thematic catalogue is Collect Fish on Stamps published at pounds 16.
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