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n.1.(Mus.) One who plays on a theorbo.
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bvn/cb & thb, bvn)"--shorthand for the part labeled with the name of the harpsichordist, the one bearing the names of the basse de violon and contrebasse player Michel Monteclair and the theorbist Francois Campion, and the one shared by a pair of basse de violon players.
Two of the group's members, violinist Rachel Podger and theorbist William Carter, also belong to the Palladian Ensemble, whose splendid debut disc appeared recently.
Especially valuable is new documentation on Montalto's principal musicians: the composer Cesare Marotta and his singer-wife Ippolita Recupito; the composer and theorbist Don Ippolito Macchiavelli; the maestro di cappella at San Lorenzo in Damaso, Giovanni Bernardino Nanino; the harpist and composer Orazio Michi; and others.