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(Law) formal into that place, circumstance, etc


(ˌðɛərˈɪn tu, -ɪnˈtu)

1. into that place or thing.
2. into that matter, circumstance, etc.
References in classic literature ?
More than all do I rejoice that this, our first, and perhaps our most difficult and dangerous, step has been accomplished without the bringing thereinto our most sweet Madam Mina or troubling her waking or sleeping thoughts with sights and sounds and smells of horror which she might never forget.
Thereinto, 5 are favorable while are unfavorable for the industry.
Thereinto, P (t) = [alpha][beta] I(t) / N (t), [alpha] represents the probability for
Thereinto, litter size was the number born alive because the total number born in the raw data set was recorded fragmentarily in the earlier period.
The first and the second lagoon are adapted to function essentially aerobically and to contain plants having roots positioned to contact water flowing thereinto.
Thereinto, corn starch contributes over 85% to the country's total starch output in 2011.
Thereinto, with greater advantages in brand, capital, technology, etc.
Judging from China's PMP player market in 2008, many overseas and domestic manufacturers launched new products and adopted many marketing means, thereinto, they strengthened their audition experience activities in terminal market.
8% of China's IC market; thereinto, computer has the largest market share; its demands for electronic information products, such as IC are mainly from PCs, notebook computers, printers, display, keyboards and mouses; although the output of many products are decreasing, notebook computer's high growth rate drives the relative development of China's computer IC market in 2008, with a growth rate of 7.
As for China's software video conference market share, the market shares of AVCON, RADFORT, and V2 account for over 80% of the total market share, thereinto, AVCON has the largest market share, which is 36%.