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An electronic instrument played by moving the hands near its two antennas, often used for high tremolo effects.

[After Leo Theremin (1896-1993), Russian engineer and inventor.]


(Instruments) an electronic musical instrument, played by moving the hands through electromagnetic fields created by two metal rods
[C20: named after Leon Theremin (1896-1993), Russian scientist who invented it]


(ˈθɛr ə mɪn)

a musical instrument with electronic tone generation, the pitch and tone volume being controlled by the distance between the player's hands and two metal rods serving as antennas.
[1925–30; after Leo Theremin (b. 1896), Russian inventor]
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Noun1.theremin - an electronic musical instrument; melodies can be played by moving the right hand between two rods that serve as antennas to control pitch; the left hand controls phrasing
electronic instrument, electronic musical instrument - a musical instrument that generates sounds electronically
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As the lads prepare for "a farewell lap of honour, a celebratory extravaganza of their finest routines with some specially created final flourishes", we are warned to expect "fish tanks, boiled eggs, fiddles, banjos, cardboard guitars, theremins, explosions, interactive films, drainpipes, mermaids, pink y-fronts, thrills, spills, tears and hilarity".
The musical score from the 1951 movie achieved its mood by using electric basses, otherworldly electronic instruments called theremins, organs, glockenspiels, marimba and vibraphones.
Additional Mass Appeal events for percussion, cellos, theremins, violins, trombones, and more will take place around the country.
Expect fish tanks, boiled eggs, fiddles, banjos, cardboard guitars, theremins, explosions, interactive films, drainpipes, mermaids, pink y-fronts, thrills, spills, tears and hilarity.
Spontaneonous performances on the theremins by visitors are being encouraged by staff this weekend, when the instruments will be in use, to make the most of their short time in the park.
The softly whispered vocals make you forget her gyrating over theremins on stage a few years ago.
In 1954, nineteen-year-old Robert Moog founded a small company to facilitate the manufacturing and selling of Theremins and Theremin kits.
Born in 1934 in New York City, Moog paid for his studies at Queens College and Columbia University by building and marketing theremins, which are played by passing the hand through and around vibrating radio tubes.
Sonic experimentation is Rosie Cuckston's mob's forte and here they've integrated trumpets and wobbly theremins into their amateurish sound.
Instead of making synthesizers, his company specializes in an offshoot, analog effects modules that expand the sounds a synth or other instrument can create, and theremins, the creepy electronic sound generators used in many '50s horror movies and the Beach Boys' ``Good Vibrations.
We design and manufacture electronic musical instruments with unlimited sonic possibilities, including Etherwave(R) theremins, Moogerfooger(R) effects modules, Minimoog(R) Voyager(R), Little Phatty(TM) synthesizers, and the Moog PianoBar(R).
The two-day event at Life Science Centre will feature everything from robots and rovers to theremins and theatrical performances.