Thermal unit

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5 per million British thermal units for the urea plant that its plans to set up at Chabahar port in the Middle East country while Tehran has offered a price of $ 2.
775 per million British thermal unit as against the current rate of USD 4.
7[degrees]C d difference in thermal unit calculation would affect a prediction of phenological development by 0.
The thermal unit size is very compact and does not require a refractory lining.
The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Friday reduced gas prices from Rs 600 per Million British Thermal Unit (MMBTU) to Rs 400 per MMBTU for power houses in a bid to supply cheap electricity to industrial units aimed at minimising the cost of production, source said to Research Analyst-PAGE.
4 trillion British thermal unit (BTU) to PLN to feed its gas fired power plants in South Sumatra.
It relieves the thermal unit of drying duties and dedicates its energy to the reclaiming task.
IN ITS continuous attempt to get a market- driven price for natural gas, Mukesh Ambani- led Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL) has informed the government of its newfound large gas reserves but would explore, produce and develop it only if allowed to sell for, at least, $ 10 per million British thermal unit ( mmBtu) as against the current price of around $ 4 mmBTu.
To a question, the chairman said that 12 MW thermal unit for Neelum Jhelum Hydel Power Project was order to provide power supply for the construction of the project.
Tenders are invited for development of design estimates for the facility "Capital repair of the entrance to the thermal unit of the building of the educational building of the Belarusian State University on the street.
Tenders are invited for Modernization of a heating outer pipe from TK-0711/2 prior to entering the building and to the thermal unit garages at Grodno, Karl Marx street, 31
25 per thermal unit while it sells gas to Syria, for example, at $5.