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(Chemistry) a system in which a coolant is circulated by convection caused by a difference in density between the hot and cold portions of the liquid


(ˌθɜr məˈsaɪ fən)

an arrangement of siphon tubes that enables water in a heating apparatus to circulate by means of convection.
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In the spring we dug the water line deeper, motorized the pump, installed a new 2Kw Whirlwind (which is up to this day), purchased a 50-year-old Delco light plant as a back-up, moved the wood stove into the basement, installed a direct thermosyphon solar direct hot water (DHW) system (yes, in northern Wisconsin), planted a huge garden, and I went to town and got a job designing energy saving retrofits for seniors on SSI for a year.
7] conducted an experiment under thermosyphon and two forced circulations using water and 0.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)300 Lpm Inline Pump For Thermosyphon Filter As Per To Indent 240644360 Dated 14.
This works well for a thermosyphon system, as the heated liquid naturally rises, pulling cooler liquid in below.
Performance of thermosyphon heat Exchanger modified from automobile radiator, in the 18th Conference of Mechanical Engineering Network of Thailand, KonKaen, Thailand.
In A Heat Pipe The Liquid Is Returned By Capillary Forces, Typically In A Wired Mesh Lining The Inside Wall Of The Tube; In A Thermosyphon The Liquid Returns By Gravity
Besides the pump, there are only six parts in the system: 1) a pressure gauge (0-60psi) will let you know the closed loop has not lost its charge of antifreeze; 2) a solar expansion tank allows the solar solution to expand as it heats; 3) a check valve above the tank to prevent thermosyphoning at night; 4) a pressure relief valve; 5) a hose valve at the lowest point for filling and draining; 6) a bypass valve around the check valve to allow the heat to thermosyphon back to the roof collector at night, to prevent the tank from overheating if you are away.
16] studied the dynamic simulation of closed thermosyphon solar water heater in clear and partly cloudy days weather conditions of a city in north of Iran.
Evaluation of the new technology a thermosyphon cooler developed by Johnson Controls is the first project to become operational at the center.
Yang and Liu [11] performed an experimental study on the thermal performance of a thermosyphon using nanofluids under steady operating pressures.
1997) concluded that a thermosyphon heat pipe heat exchanger (HPHE), with no wicks, acting in association with the cooling coil can be used in conjunction with an air-conditioning system to derive an overall cooling capability enhancement of 20% to 32.