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 (thĕs′pĭs) fl. sixth century bc.
Greek poet who reputedly originated Greek tragedy.


(Biography) 6th century bc, Greek poet, regarded as the founder of tragic drama


(ˈθɛs pɪs)

fl. 6th century B.C., Greek poet.
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Noun1.Thespis - Greek poet who is said to have originated Greek tragedy (sixth century BC)


[ˈθespɪs] NTespis
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The world hath been often compared to the theatre; and many grave writers, as well as the poets, have considered human life as a great drama, resembling, in almost every particular, those scenical representations which Thespis is first reported to have invented, and which have been since received with so much approbation and delight in all polite countries.
The largest solo theatre festival in the world, New York's United Solo takes place annually, while Kiel, Germany, will be hosting the Thespis International Monodrama Festival this November.
It is believed that Sullivan reused much of the music from Thespis in later operettas.
Although his father was a small-time actor (with outsize dreams), Bryan Cranston didn't pledge himself to Thespis until he was stranded for six rainy days and nights in a picnic area on the Blue Ridge Parkway with only an anthology of plays for entertainment.
El primero, el Chucro, protagonista eponimo de un cuento de la obra Thespis de 1907.
Se ratifica la presencia de las especies Musonia lineata, Thespis media y Pseudomiopteryx spinifrons recientemente registradas en Colombia (ARTEAGA et al.
It has always been the policy not to review books published by the Society, with only one exception the that I can find: Sybil Rosenfeld's Temples of Thespis, Some Private Theatres and Theatricals in England and Wales, 1700-1820 (volume 34, 1980, p.
Mohamed Himour, Mohamed Adar, Abdellah Djellab (campant le role de Thespis, premier comedien de la Grece antique), Brahim Chergui, Faiza Amel (epoustouflante), Souad Sebki, Amel Minghed, Djafar Benhalilou, Abdelkrim Beriber, Ahcene Azazni,Yacine Zaidi, Sali, Rafik Fetmouche, Fouad Zahed, Fawzi Bait, Mourad Oudjit, Khaled Naimi, Mourad Yekkour, Zouheir Mazari et d'autres encore ont bien porte le texte et brille de savoir faire dans des roles polyvalents aux caracteres differents.
Like Thespis stepping away from the chorus to invent tragedy,
Though TedTalk superstar Amy Cuddy has awakened laypeople to the mind-body relationship with "power poses"--her talk has been viewed more than 20 million times--actors have known, probably since Thespis, that our "nonverbals" affect our own emotions as well as other people.
Six Greek amateur actors from Dubai supported by 25 production staff from the Thespis Greek Theatre Group did what they know best on Saturday night -- staged the first all-Greek production and humanitarian event at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates.