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A region of east-central Greece between the Pindus Mountains and the Aegean Sea. Settled before 1000 bc, it reached the height of its power in the sixth century bc but soon declined because of internal conflicts.

Thes·sa′lian (thĕ-sā′lē-ən, -sāl′yən), Thes′sa·lo′ni·an (-lō′nē-ən) adj. & n.


(Placename) of or relating to the Greek region of Thessaly or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Thessaly
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Noun1.Thessalian - a native or inhabitant of Thessaly
Hellene, Greek - a native or inhabitant of Greece
References in classic literature ?
Lehmann, remarking that the heroines are all Boeotian and Thessalian (while the heroines of the "Catalogues" belong to all parts of the Greek world), believes the author to have been either a Boeotian or Thessalian.
He is a Thessalian Alcibiades, rich and luxurious-- a spoilt child of fortune, and is described as the hereditary friend of the great king.
For men will love you in other places to which you may go, and not in Athens only; there are friends of mine in Thessaly, if you like to go to them, who will value and protect you, and no Thessalian will give you any trouble.
As when ALCIDES from OEALIA Crown'd With conquest, felt th' envenom'd robe, and tore Through pain up by the roots THESSALIAN Pines, And LICHAS from the top of OETA threw Into th' EUBOIC Sea.
Their slaves also first revolted from the Thessalians while they were engaged in wars with their neighbours the Acheans, the Perrabeans, and the Magnesians.
Among the topics are the Greek dialects in the palatial and post-palatial Late Bronze Age, whether Boeotian and its neighbors formed a central Helladic dialect continuum, the softening of obstruent consonants in the Macedonian dialect, aspect and modality in Thessalian official documents, and the dialect of Thasos and the transmission of Archilochus' fragments.
When Charicleia is seventeen, she meets Theagenes , a Thessalian , and the two fall in love with each other; unlike Calasiris, Charicles does not notice this.
Tamburlaine unexpectedly calls the sight of the virgins' "slaughtered carcases" "A sight as banefull to [the soldiers'] soules I think / As are Thessalian drugs or Midiradate" (69-70).
In Alcestis of Euripides the Thessalian king Admetus for his hospitality is granted by Apollo freedom from death, but Admetus must find someone to take his place when Death has come to claim him.
Patet profecto sedis apostolicae (cuius auctoritate maius non est) iudicium a nemine fore retractandum, neque cuiquam de eius liceat iudicare iudicio, iuxta quod Innocentius Papa Rufo et ceteris episcopis per Thessalian constitutis scribens ait: "Nemo umquam apostolico culmini de cuius iudicio non licet retractari manus obuias audacter intulit, nemo in hoc rebellis extitit, nisi qui de se uoluit iudicari", et B.
During the Pythian festival, Theagenes, a Thessalian noble, sees and immediately falls in love with Charicleia, who is equally captivated by him.