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1. A colorless or pale yellow aromatic liquid, C3H3NS, containing a ring composed of a nitrogen atom, a sulfur atom, and three carbon atoms, used in making dyes and fungicides.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.


(ˈθaɪəˌzəʊl) or


1. (Chemistry) a colourless liquid with a pungent smell that contains a ring system composed of three carbon atoms, a sulphur atom, and a nitrogen atom. It is used in dyes and fungicides. Formula: C3H3NS
2. (Elements & Compounds) any of a group of compounds derived from this substance that are used in dyes


(ˈθaɪ əˌzoʊl)

1. a colorless, slightly water-miscible liquid, C3H3NS.
2. any of various derivatives of this substance, used as dyes or reagents.
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These parent terms give context for the definition of thiazoles as organic sulfur compounds that are 1-ring heterocyclic azoles.
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S-888711 is a thrombopoietin receptor agonists that belongs to the chemical class of thiazoles.
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Treatt offers over 300 speciality chemical top notes, including pyrazines, thiazoles and other sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen heterocyclic chemicals, manufactured by Endeavour Specialty Chemicals.
Sulfur-containlng compounds are ordered into acyclic, including sulfoxides, sulfides, thiols, thioesters, thiocyanates, and isothiocyanates, and cyclic compounds, including thiofurans and thiazoles.