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a.1.Having a thick skull; stupid.
References in classic literature ?
Your only mistake seems to be that you are too thick-headed to know when you are overmatched.
Thick-headed commentators upon the Bible, and stupid preachers and teachers, work more damage to religion than sensible, cool-brained clergymen can fight away again, toil as they may.
He will wake in an hour or so, I dare say; and although I have told that thick-headed constable-fellow downstairs that he musn't be moved or spoken to, on peril of his life, I think we may converse with him without danger.
You're as slow as a tortoise, and more thick-headed than a rhinoceros,' returned his obliging client with an impatient gesture.
Oh, Tom, you poor thick-headed thing, I'm not teasing you.
He had, in fact, though his sisters were now doing all they could for him, by calling him "poor Richard," been nothing better than a thick-headed, unfeeling, unprofitable Dick Musgrove, who had never done anything to entitle himself to more than the abbreviation of his name, living or dead.
The man they had got now was a jolly, light-hearted, thick-headed sort of a chap, with about as much sensitiveness in him as there might be in a Newfoundland puppy.
The Germanic (Anglo-Saxon and 'Danish') element explains, then, why uneducated Englishmen of all times have been thick-headed, unpleasantly self-assertive, and unimaginative, but sturdy fighters; and the Norman strain why upper-class Englishmen have been self-contained, inclined to snobbishness, but vigorously aggressive and persevering, among the best conquerors, organizers, and administrators in the history of the world.
And if President Trump, Piers Morgan and any other thick-headed fool thinks we're going to sit at home and weep into our prosecco and knock back another Prozac, they are deluded.
Adding insult to injury, the whole thing was given a familiar soundtrack by thick-headed fans blaring out sectarian bile.
They go to church and pray just for the sake of looking like saints and yet, they are stuck up and thick-headed.