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 (thĭm′bo͞o′, tĭm′-)


(ˈθɪmbuː) or


(Placename) the capital of Bhutan, in the west in the foothills of the E Himalayas: became the official capital in 1962. Pop: 40 000 (2005 est)
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Tenders are invited for Running, Maintaining, Monitoring Of Snow Gauge Sela, Thimbu And Org At China Bridge And Hmd Station At Jang, Arunachal Pradesh
Already, India is the largest trading partner of India with 99 per cent of Bhutanese exports landing in India and Thimbu also getting 90 per cent of its imports from Delhi.
According to details, IG Sindh Sultan Salah-ud-Din Babar Khattak had constituted an inquiry committee in heading of DIG Investigation Ghulam Thimbu to investigate bomb blasts in Karachi on Rasm-e-Chehlum Hazrat Imam Hussain, but the inquiry committee after passing 48-hours didn't provide any substantial evidences and termed the blasts as motorcycle planted blasts.