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 (thĭm′po͞o′, tĭm′-) also Thim·bu (-bo͞o′)
The capital of Bhutan, in the western part of the country in the eastern Himalaya Mountains.



also Thim•bu


the capital of Bhutan, in the W part. 15,000.
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According to reports, India has taken the Thimpu decision rather seriously and this may result in deterioration of the relationship between the two countries.
First meeting of the SAARC Council was held in Thimpu, Bhutan in December 2016 and it primarily focused on the adoption of the work plan and terms of reference of the council.
Jaishankar arrived in Thimpu on a three-day official visit on Monday.
LAHORE: A high level delegation of private sector Saturday left for Thimpu (Bhutan) to represent Pakistan in the forth
Lahore: A high-level delegation of private sector Saturday left for Thimpu (Bhutan) to represent Pakistan in the forth coming 70th executive committee meeting of Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
After the colorful procession of dozens of dancers and musicians in the national dress to the sounds of Buddhist chanting, Kate and William entered the Thimpu Dzong, overlooking the capital.
This week, together with the great pleasure of visiting Bhutan for the first time-for the Economic Freedom as a Way to Happiness conference in Thimpu, organized by QED Group Bhutan, Economic Freedom Network Asia, and Friedrich Naumann Foundation-I have learned of the first two GNH Index numbers for Bhutan, done by the Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research (CBSGR).
The agreement was signed last week in Thimpu by the Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari, along with Obaidul Quader, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges of Bangladesh, Lyonpo DN Dhungyel, Minister of Information and Communications, Bhutan, and Bimalendra Nidhi, Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Nepal.
26 -- Officially when the Government of Sri Lanka declares, to facilitate ethnic reconciliation, it will, among other proposals, give thought to the 1985 Thimpu Formula, what it declares is that it will take note of the Tamil Homeland and One Country Two Nation Concepts that formed the foundation of the Tamil militancy and extremism.
The first property of the brand in the Himalayan Kingdom will be located in capital city Thimpu.
Featuring some of the planet's best and least known talent, world class Bhutanese and international artists will create an intoxicating mix of art, music, film, dance, and theatre, at multiple indoor and outdoor venues across the ancient capital of Thimpu, for 10 continuous days of festivities.
VNL partnered B-Mobile to bring GSM connectivity to a cluster of villages around 60 kms from the capital Thimpu, using WorldGSM (trade mark) - a sustainable GSM and broadband solution.