Things real

Same as Real property, under Real.

See also: Thing

References in classic literature ?
What things real are there, but imponderable thoughts?
This acquisition reinforces our commitment to empower people by making all things real estate simple, efficient and enjoyable.
Seuffert is passionate about all things real estate and has earned numerous other industry awards over her career.
Despite racking up three decades on the station with The Ken Bruce Show, the dad of six is a big believer in keeping things real, as the kids say.
Harry G, Fife Your girlfriend is Taurus so she stays the course and keeps things real when you want to push the boat out and that could be quite often as Scorpios get a lot from the adrenaline rush of risk–taking.
Let's keep things real, appreciate that Basel loss, and hope we can win those last two matches (pretty sure we won't look better at Bernabeu).
Using plastic can distance them from the reality of money and its limits, while handling bills keeps things real.
David had left the previous week and Jeni the week before, they had been great fun and kept things real for me - I was only there for a bit of fun you see - but suddenly in the semi final it was serious.
She promotes "Solidism", a movement that backs print and all things real over virtual reality.
We need to give them focus, keep things in perspective and keep things real.
To keep things real, Salman sir kindly agreed to do a cameo in the film.
But I'm a believer that the best thing to do on occasions like this is to keep things real.

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