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Noun1.Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)
Reich - the German state
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Among the topics are a Ming-Qing transition in Chinese women's history, the third realm of Qing civil justice between informal mediation and formal adjudication, the Lake Weishan issue and the Chinese mediatory system of government, international law and East Asia in the 19th century, and reconstructing Max Weber's "Sociology of Law.
The third realm of this conflict -- national identity -- is the most complex and intangible, but probably has the most impact in the long run.
A dime invested in these functions results in maintaining health status at a level requiring much higher expenditures in the third realm These functions contribute about 20% to population health status and consume about 20% of medical expenditures (with a small first realm overlap).
As predicted by my more than observant partner though, a year down the line and my interest in all things 3D has waned, even though Michael Parkinson is interviewing a Cuban ballet star this week in the third realm.