This morning

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This morning   
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So my daughter Middleton told me, for it seems Sir John met him somewhere in the street this morning.
I'm pretty hungry this morning," she announced as she slipped into the chair Marilla placed for her.
As I lay in bed this morning between sleeping and waking, an idea came riding on a sunbeam into my room,--a mad, whimsical idea, but one that suits my mood; and put briefly, it is this: how is it that I, a not unpresentable young man, a man not without accomplishments or experience, should have gone all these years without finding that
I'd meant to lay up because of my arm, but it's better this morning.
But after feeling had welled up and poured itself out in this way, busy thought would come back with the greater vigour; and this morning it was intent on schemes by which the roads might be improved that were so imperfect all through the country, and on picturing all the benefits that might come from the exertions of a single country gentleman, if he would set himself to getting the roads made good in his own district.
But I can take mine," said the farmer, "that if Squire Higginbotham was murdered night before last, I drank a glass of bitters with his ghost this morning.
He told me himself this morning that there was no fear, and no need to send for another doctor.
Why, it comes into my mind, do you know, sir,' said Wegg with an air of insinuating frankness (having first again looked hard at the book), 'that you made a little mistake this morning, which I had meant to set you right in, only something put it out of my head.
My OWN DARLING FRIEND:--WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS my feelings over not being able to go up this morning to say good-bye to one I so FONDLY ADORE.
But they came only this morning, and they have not even begun to open.
Emily has received a very strange letter this morning, which puzzles her and alarms me.
Suppose you ask me what I ate for breakfast this morning.