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A thin crisp pancake of Indian origin, typically made from rice flour, stuffed with vegetables, chicken, or other ingredients, and served with chutney.

[Hindi ḍosā, of Dravidian origin; akin to Tamil tōcai, Kannada dōse.]


(Cookery) a savoury Indian pancake
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The meal, which lasted 45 minutes, was a vegetarian spread of idli (a pancake made with a fermented black lentils and rice batter), vadai (savoury fritters) and the restaurant's famous thosai (a thin crepe made from rice batter and lentils).
She can delight you even with Tamil Nadu dishes like Iddly, Thosai and Sambar etc.
We prepare a variety of vegetarian dishes from both cultures with a blend of Chinese dishes such as ghee rice, vegetarian mutton kurma, Chinese stir-fried vegetables, brinjal sambal, ulam, poori, thosai, putumayam and aloo gobi, which is a must-have dish for North Indians," said Ramesh.
Ghee Thosai, a Thai speciality bread, just one of the treats on offer at the Coconut Lagoon, which specialises in Southern Indian cuisine thai bread pic