Thutmose III

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Thut·mo·se III

 (tho͞ot-mō′sə) Died 1452 bc.
King of Egypt (1504-1452) who conquered Syria and much of the Euphrates Valley and brought great wealth to Egypt.

Thutmose III

(Biography) died c. 1450 bc, king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty, who completed the conquest of Syria and dominated the Middle East. He was also a patron of the arts and a famous athlete

Thut•mo•se III

(θutˈmoʊ sə, -ˈmoʊs)

also Thut•mo•sis III

(-ˈmoʊ sɪs)
fl. c1475 B.C., Egyptian ruler.
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Thothmes III refers to it in the account of his expedition to Syria in 1479 BC, and it occurs again in the records of the expedition of Seti I in 1313 BC.
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