Thread lace

lace made of linen thread.

See also: Thread

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He stole 100 yards of muslin (valued at PS20), 100 yards of thread lace (valued at PS20), 100 yards of silk lace (valued at PS20), a muslin half shawl (valued at 3/6), two pieces of base metal (valued at 6d), 20 gold guineas, 20 gold half guineas, 20 silver half crown pieces, 20/- in money numbered, a PS1 Bank of England note and a PS1 Dudley Bank note.
Needle & thread lace petal embellished maxi dress [euro]410, BT2
A sumptuary law was passed by the Massachusetts General Court prohibiting the purchase of woolen, linen, or silk clothes with silver, gold, silk, or thread lace on them.
Look Needle & Thread Lace Petal Maxi Dress, [euro]410, Brown Thomas Stylish flowing dress, Mary Katrantzou Coat, top and dress, Alexander McQueen