a.1.(Arch.) Having or consisting of three coats; - applied to plastering which consists of pricking-up, floating, and a finishing coat; or, as called in the United States, a scratch coat, browning, and finishing coat.
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Clean, repair and recoat the steel areas of Pine View water storage facility with a three-coat epoxy system.
According to him, another advantage of Monodex ICB is that it is rapid-curing and used as part of a three-coat system in conjunction with Flexcrete's Monodex anti-carbonation coatings.
In highly corrosive environments, Kwikspar 600 (full-gloss) and Kwikspar 600SG (semi-gloss) coatings can be overcoated on AMERCOAT 370 or SIGMAFAST 278 epoxy primers to provide an ultra-fast-drying alternative to traditional three-coat corrosion protection systems.
It has now introduced a new medium-duty product, Archco-Rigidon Fibre-Trowel 750, a three-coat lining system designed for the protection of concrete bunds, sumps and floors.
In a three-coat brush application of a model urethane-acrylic hybrid interior wood coating, Dynol 800 surfactant is the formulator's choice for improved wetting, superior flow and leveling, and foam control compared to coatings containing silicone surfactants.
A typical three-coat application for rehabilitating an existing steel bridge can account for as much as 20 percent of the cost of fabricating a new steel bridge.
Combining primer and top-coat in a single coat, the coating promises to increase line-speeds for heavy machinery and prefabricated steel manufacturers by at least 50 per cent compared to standard two and three-coat systems.
The facility will be equipped with a fully-automated three-coat coating line and a high-speed double extruder composite panel production line.
The vehicle features a three-coat pearlescent white body colour, red leather interiors and a special badge on the door pillar.
The newest garage floor coating option on the scene is Rock Solid's professional-grade one-day, three-coat DIY polyurea coating kit.
The monument was constructed with high quality materials and fortified with mortar and three-coat plastering.
Three-coat systems are used mostly on gourmet-level products and incorporate a primer, an intermediate coat, and a finishing coat.