Thuja occidentalis

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Noun1.Thuja occidentalis - small evergreen of eastern North America having tiny scalelike leaves on flattened branchletsThuja occidentalis - small evergreen of eastern North America having tiny scalelike leaves on flattened branchlets
genus Thuja, Thuja - red cedar
arborvitae - any of several Asian and North American conifers of the genera Thuja and Thujopsis
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That information and the patient's current symptoms led to a clear-cut homeopathic diagnosis of needing the homeopathic prescription, Thuja occidentalis (also known as Arbor vitae cedar).
Try Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' - it's Dutch for emerald - which is an upright, very narrow conifer with fine green foliage.
It contains a section of old-growth coniferous forest dominated by Thuja occidentalis and an open Quercus-Pinus savannah-like ecosystem on sandy soil (Ministry of Natural Resources, 1990).
Thuja occidentalis (thuja), of the Cupressaceae family, has traditionally been used for the treatment of various gynaecological complaints in both humans and animals.
Thuja Occidentalis (Emerald Greens) are one of the most popular, dependable and low maintenance screening trees in the local area, being a dense evergreen that maintains its deep green color all year round.
Topics include in vivo spectroscopy for the detection and treatment of glioblastoma multiforms, nanobiotechnology for antibacterial therapy and diagnosis, chitosan nanoparticles, the synthesis and biomedical application of silver nanoparticles, the use of phytochemicals, mitochondrial dysfunction and cancer, the life purpose dominant concept and the interrelations between mind and body and the unity of psychosomatic processes, the use of Thuja occidentalis Linn.
I recommend poke root ointment or a cream made with the herb thuja occidentalis, which reduces aging spots and sun damage.
Suitable for smaller gardens are two attractive evergreens with bronze tints in autumn, Thuja occidentalis Rheingold and Cryptomeria japonic Elgans.
The spherical and ever so tactile Thuja occidentalis 'Teddy,' gets its name because it is soft to touch.
Examples include Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Minima Glauca' and Thuja occidentalis 'Danica'.