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 (kō′zhĭ-kōd′) also Cal·i·cut (kăl′ĭ-kŭt′)
A city of southwest India on the Malabar Coast southwest of Bengaluru. It was the site of Vasco da Gama's first landfall in India (1498) and was later occupied by Portuguese, British, French, and Danish trading colonies.


(Placename) a port in SW India, in W Kerala on the Malabar coast: important European trading post (1511–1765): formerly calico-manufacturing. Pop: 436 527 (2001). Also called: Calicut


(ˈkæl ɪˌkʌt)

a seaport in W Kerala, in SW India. 546,000. Formerly, Kozhikode.
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