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 (pə-vē′ə, pä-vē′ä)
A city of northwest Italy south of Milan. Originally a Roman stronghold known as Ticinum, it served as capital of the Lombard kings before 1359 and later became a leading Italian city-state.


(Placename) a town in N Italy, in Lombardy: noted for its Roman and medieval remains, including the tomb of St Augustine. Pop: 71 214 (2001). Latin name: Ticinum


(pɑˈvi ɑ)

a city in N Italy, S of Milan. 85,056.
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In the case of Ticinum (present-day Pavia, Italy), (D) which was constructed in 89 BCE, the total area of the city is 1,770 pedes x 2,910 pedes, with housing lots of 240 pedes x 240 pedes--a unit of area called a heredium (Fig.
Esta idea es la misma que se considero en el analisis de otras ciudades del mismo periodo, tales como Ticinum (Pavia), donde se quiso apreciar un recinto primitivo, de planta rectangular, basado, entre otras razones de tipo menor, en la correspondencia del viario de la ciudad moderna con el antiguo romano, al igual que sucedio en Augusta Emerita.
Tiberius then managed to convince the army to escort the body back to Rome; he crossed the Alps with the body and was met by Augustus and Livia at Ticinum in northern Italy.