Tide mill

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(a) A mill operated by the tidal currents.
A mill for clearing lands from tide water.

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THE Twee Gebroeders - "two brothers"- is a beautifully renovated Dutch sailing barge, moored in the shadow of the Tide Mill on the river Deben in the Suffolk town of Woodbridge.
Lucas offers occasional estimates of the cost of maintenance or upkeep and differentiates between water, wind, and tide mill types on the basis of his earlier work although he does not have figures for most of the mills.
Eling Tide Mill, in Hampshire, is one of two operating in Britain.
As for using tidal energy, evidence of "tide mills" dates back to the Middle ages with the earliest known tide mill cropping up in London during Roman times on the--now subterranean--River Fleet.
It's a very primal instinct to want that connection to the earth and our food," says Rachel Bell, owner of Tide Mill Creamery in Edmunds, Maine.
PIX V-belts have been installed in the last commercially working tide mill in the UK, as part of a [pounds sterling]1.
Highlights of the North East Cultural Olympiad programme include Flow, a floating tide mill created by a group of artists from the North East and Manchester.
Our final stop was in the peaceful surroundings of Nendrum Monastery - the best preserved of its kind in Northern Ireland and, with the earliest known tide mill anywhere, we were informed.
THIS little mill, at the head of Southampton Water, is the only surviving tide mill in the world and is still producing flour.
Carly DelSignore and her husband, Aaron Bell, of Edmunds, live on Tide Mill Organic Farm, which has been in the Bell family for nine generations.
A self-guided walking tour takes you past salt pans, wildfowl lakes, a chameleon habitat, a Roman salt-fish factory and a working tide mill which was once used for grinding corn.
The oldest tide mill, a gristmill operated by the movement of the tides, was built at Hingham, Mass.