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n.1.A rod used as a tie. See Tie.
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Some of the features that are said to make the ZSE-18 ideal for use in GMP (good manufacturing practice) environments include segmented stainless steel screws assembled on high-torque splined shafts; 72 nm torque rating and screw rpms to 1,200 rpm+; modular stainless steel barrels with a tie-rod assembly system for quick change capability; gearbox positioning plate that allows gearbox repositioning to shorter/longer L/Ds (a cantilevered front-end allows use of gear pump front-end and other devices); quick-clamp assembly mates the process section to the gearbox for accelerated changeovers; quick connections for electrical and plumbing connections; side stuffier for downstream introduction of materials, and more.
Sources said that an over speeding jeep carrying armed forces personnel over-turned due to opening of tie-rod near Rashakai Interchange at Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of a mis-aligned steering system tie-rod assembly.
The bus, LRC-5090, was going towards Vehari from Hasilpur when its tie-rod developed fault and the bus went upside down, killing Saima Rani on the spot while sixteen other passengers including women received injuries.
The new design stops you from having to order the entire drag link when a tie-rod end goes bad.
Tonnage is built with a pancake cylinder on the moving platen that substitutes for the usual four tie-rod cylinders.
The tandem brake booster is of the tie-rod type with a through-bolt design that prevents expansion of the booster under hard braking.
Without the lock, the wheel will attempt to steer independently like an automobile tire with a broken tie-rod.
The ZSE 18 mm twin screw extruder is designed for use in medical, pharmaceutical and related GMP (good manufacturing practice) environments, and includes the following unique/new features: Segmented stainless steel screws assembled on high-torque splined shafts; modular stainless steel barrels with a tie-rod assembly system for quick change capability; brushless AC servo-motor that is sealed against water sprays and dust, is quieter than standard AC motors and has 1,000:1 turndown with .
The lower steering tie-rod attachment can loosen and cause loss of steering control, posing a crash hazard.
According to police, Bahadur Ali of village 169-EB was travelling towards the city along with Ashraf and Amanat Ali in a truck when it rammed into a tree after its tie-rod was broken.
Patented water-cooled tie-rod design eliminates thermal influence on knife/die-face alignment.