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n.1.In Cuba, Mexico, etc., a booth, stall, or shop where merchandise is sold.
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La primera tienda de Starbucks abrio en Bogota el 16 de julio.
While the tiendas are empty, Western goods are piling up in certain shops that only accept the hard currency.
VideoAge: Las tiendas de videos se estan adaptando, moviendose rapidamente a los DVDs y video juegos, pero lo que en realidad les va a cambiar es el dia que los DVDs se vendan en todos los sitios.
com; Berkeley, 510/548-1383; Santa Fe, 505/986-0243; Seattle, 206/682-2827) and Tienda (www.
If Carl Sandburg were observing today's Chicago, he would find stark comparisons between the city of the early 20th century described in his "Chicago Poems" and the one that exists now, write authors Haya Stier and Marta Tienda in their new book, "The Color of Opportunity.
The approach taken here is modeled after a tabulation by Marta Tienda and Lief Jensen, which was intended to gauge "the importance of secondary earners [family members other than the householder] as a hedge against poverty.
The volume is a contribution to an excellent series ("Social Inequality Series," of which Marta Tienda and David B.
La Tienda, a convenience store in Franklin, Idaho, bills itself as the Home of the Utah Lottery.
Amplia sala de exposicin y ventas en Miami Gardens sobre Palmetto Highway y elegante tienda en Fort Lauderdale, en la zona de muebleras.
Mejia Enterprises doing business as Tienda Ruby, 229 Okanogan Ave.
Tienda has authored or co-authored more than 200 scientific papers and chapters covering U.