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 (tē-ĕp′ə-lō′, tyĕ′pō-), Giovanni Battista 1696-1770.
Italian painter noted especially for his rococo ceiling frescoes, which display a mastery of illusionistic space and exuberant color.


(Italian ˈtjɛːpolo; English tiːˈɛpəˌləʊ)
(Biography) Giovanni Battista (dʒoˈvanni batˈtista). 1696–1770, Italian rococo painter, esp of frescoes as in the Residenz at Würzburg


(tiˈɛp əˌloʊ)
Giovanni Battista, 1696–1770, and his son, Giovanni Domenico, 1727–1804, Italian painters.
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Noun1.Tiepolo - Italian painter (1696-1770)Tiepolo - Italian painter (1696-1770)    
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This is nowhere better revealed than in his 14-year battle for the restitution of one of his great-grandfather's paintings, stolen from his grandmother's apartment in Paris in 1979 --The Miracle of St Anthony, an oil sketch for an altarpiece of around 1754-56 by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Fig.
One suite, the Alcova Tiepolo Suite (103 sq m), has frescoes painted by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo in 1750 with hand-painted chinoiserie wall panels.
Twenty-three chapters are: an afternoon in Florence; a flood and a chimera; immersed in the Bargello; a sense of place; the case of the Duccio Madonna; in the Met Caf<AEe>; princely collection; an artistic Education sentimale; lost in the Louvre; crowds and the power of art; heavin and hell in the Prado; Hieronymus Bosch and the hell of looking at art with other people; Titian and Vel<AEa>zquez; Las Meninas; Goya: an excursion; Rubens, Tiepolo, Goya again; Rotterdam: museums and their discontents; star-spotting at the Mauritshuis; where do you put it?
Sebastiano Magnanini, 46, stole PS2million work Education of the Virgin by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo from a Venice church in 1993.
De esta forma, y ya dentro del ambito del arte, la confluencia de piezas de ambas orillas del Atlantico hace que destaquen en su justo valor, junto a las obras de Tiepolo, Goya, Velazquez, Zurbaran, Domenichino, Pannini, Antonio Moro, Mengs, Luea Giordano o Carreno de Miranda, las de artistas novohispanos de la calidad y personalidad de Echave Ibia, Villalpando, los Rodriguez Juarez, Correa, Cabrera, Alcibar y Miguel y Juan Gonzalez.
Upstairs 30,000 visitors a year wonder at stunning frescoes by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo.
During his years in Spain, Tiepolo was assisted by his sons Giandomenico and Lorenzo, accomplished artists who like their father excelled at invenzione, the generation of creative ideas that transformed traditional subjects.
Their misty light recurs in Tiepolo, famous for painting soaring angels in his overarching ceilings:
Art and Music in Venice edited by Hilliard T Goldfarb, bursts with colour and information on every page, including lavish reproductions of paintings from Tiepolo, Canaletto and Tintoretto among others.
The kitchen pictured is the Tiepolo high-gloss design from the Trends range.
Memory of this long ago game popped into mind when I ran across this statement in Mark Twain's Notebook for October 1878: "But Tiepolo is my painter.