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 (tyə-tā′, tyĭ-tĕ′)
A river, about 805 km (500 mi) long, of southeast Brazil flowing generally northwest to the Paraná River.
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The 15 papers examine such aspects as Lucustrine groundwater discharge: the disregarded component of water and nutrient budgets, an assessment of hydrokinetic energy resources downstream of hydropower plants in the Brazil's Tiete River Basin, a framework for integrating human factors in cyber-physical production systems, the intersection of theory and technology: a literature review of computational concepts applied to architectural design since the late 1980s, and the automatic structural preliminary design of a three-dimensional concrete frame by numerical parametric structural modeling.
Government information on water quality of Sao Paulo State, provided by CETESB (Sao Paulo State Environmental Company), reports that from 2007 to 2009: i) water availability per capita decreased in the entire state due to population growth; ii) there was an unbalance between surface water availability and consumption in most of the drainage basins ; iii) the Tiete River Basin displayed a 16% increase in water demand for urban uses; iv) the amount of collected and treated domestic sewage remained below 50%; v) the raw water quality for public supply underwent severe degradation with 78% of the samples assigned to quality classes ranging from Regular to Very Bad.
There are few studies on the natural parasite fauna of fish from the Middle Tiete River basin in Sao Paulo State, and research conducted in the Peixe River, the major basin tributary, is virtually nonexistent.
For example, in 2013, the State of Sao Paulo and the World Bank committed US$129 million and US$300 million, respectively, to the rehabilitation and upgrading 750 kilometres of state roads and the reconstruction of two bridges for inland waterway transport on the Tiete River.
His 2006 play BR-3, written for an experimental theatre company, was staged on the Tiete River, in SAfAPSo Paulo, and on boats in the bay of Rio.
His 2006 play BR-3, written for the experimental Teatro da Vertigem, was staged on the Tiete river, in So Paulo, and on boats in the bay of Rio.
These organisms were also abundant in other ecosystems of Brazil, such as the Alto Tiete River (Lucinda et al.
The jury commented: "This extraordinary urban intervention transforms the main artery of the city with creative use of unconventional space: the banks of the Tiete River, the river itself, and the barge on which the audience travelled and much of the dramatic action occurred.
To make money, he sells some of the instruments, which are made of wood and scraps collected from the banks of the polluted Tiete river.
Infection by Austrodiplostomum compactum metacercariae in fish from the Nova Avanhandava reservoir, Tiete river, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
In this regard it is worth mentioning those studies carried out in the reservoirs of the Parana River Basin, especially at the Tiete River (Castro & Arcifa 1987; Romanini 1989; Castro 1994; Godoy 1995; Petrere 1996; Agostinho, Bini & Gomes 1997; Barrella 1998; Smith 1999; Smith & Petrere 2001; Smith et.