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 (tĭf′lĭs, tyə-flēs′)


(Placename) transliteration of the Russian name for Tbilisi


(tə bəˈli si, -ˈbɪl ə-)

the capital of the Georgian Republic, in the SE part, on the Kura. 1,194,000. Formerly, Tiflis.
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Noun1.Tiflis - the capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura riverTiflis - the capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura river
Sakartvelo, Georgia - a republic in Asia Minor on the Black Sea separated from Russia by the Caucasus mountains; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991
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Alba will now have to rest and although he should be fit when Barcelona start their BBVA Primera Liga campaign he will miss the final of the European Supoercup next Tuesday, which sees Barca take on their fellow Spaniards, Sevilla, who won last season's Europa League in Tiflis.
During a six-month stint in the Georgian capital of Tiflis, now known as Tbilisi, Komitas encountered a young soloist named Margaret Babayan, with whom he embarked on an intense, and apparently platonic, lifelong friendship, via correspondence.
The result gives Rangers great heart for the next game against Dynamo Tiflis.
Certainly, he was involved in the planning of the major Tiflis bank robbery of 1907 during which more than 30 people died.
Dunsterforce was originally to use Baku as a base for an agressive western advance along the Trans-Caucasian railway towards Tiflis in order to establish a forward defence, patrolling the railway and precluding a Turkish advance on Baku's oilfields and port facilities.
Jahrhunderts auch in den Lehrerbildungsanstalten, solchen wie an der Abteilung der Padagogik der Russischen Universitat in Riga, am Deutschen Lehrerseminar zu Mitau; an Mittelschulen, Gymnasien, Armeeschulen, Kommerzschulen, verschiedenen Berufsschulen in damaligem zaristischen Russland-Eriwan, Jekaterinburg, Kasan, Kaunas, Mazeikiai, Lodz, Moskau, Odessa, Orl, Polozk, Noworossijsk, Sankt- Petersburg, Simbirsk, Tallinn, Tiflis, Tomsk, Riga, Vilnius, Witebsk), in England, China (Peking), Deutschland, Finnland und sogar in Brasilien und noch anderen Staaten.
Yet these quibbles pale when placed next to his striking (to me) revelation that there was a First Baptist Church in Tiflis, Georgia, where Joseph Stalin attended seminary.
Japan's rugby team has a heavy schedule ahead of it: they will be squaring off against Romania in Bucharest on 10 November, Georgia in Tiflis on 17 November, and the Basque team on 21 November in San Sebastian.
168-69, adapted from the tenth-eleventh-century manuscript Tiflis A86, in F.
Consulate Tiflis dispatch to Department, April 29, 1920, loc.
Margaret Emma Lydia Heyde loved to walk in the park in Tiflis, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, where she lived with her parents, Theodore and Ida, and her older sister, Gertrude Emma Catherine.