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also tigereye

a golden-brown chatoyant stone used for ornament, formed by the alteration of crocidolite, and consisting essentially of quartz colored by iron oxide.
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This non-mechanical 3D camera-laser solution is an extension of ASC's existing TigerEye family of products and features a major reduction in size and weight with increased product robustness.
SC has one exterior color change - Costa Azul Mica replaces Tigereye Mica.
Kim got his degree in geology at Oregon and joined the Marines, where he flew both Apache helicopters and six-wings, including the Tigereye.
Each globe has gemstones from all over the world including lapis, mother of pearl, amethyst, African jade, onyx, tigereye etc.
Lipstick shades include TigerEye, Sunstone, Rubellite and Hot Kiss, as well as a Pure Color gloss in Quartz.
ASC), the leading supplier of 3D Flash LIDAR technology, proudly introduces the TigerEye to their already impressive line of 3D Flash LIDAR Cameras (3D FLC).