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n.1.A close, or inclosure; a croft.
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The North Midlands players invited to Bromsgrove training day are: hooker Matt Cox (Bromsgrove School and Worcester), lock Nile Dacres(Worcester Sixth Form College and Five Ways OE), scrum-half Joel Dudley (Bromsgrove School and Worcester), tigh the adprop Chris Fox (Bromsgrove School), number eight Matt Kvesic (Worcester Sixth Form College and Worcester), loose head props Mark Padgett (Ellesmere College and Mold) and Louis Padian (Bishop Challoner School and Moseley), flanker Will Radburn (Worcester Sixth Form College and Worcester), hooker Henry Waltier (Bromsgrove School and Worcester), formerEnglandUnder-16centreJames Whybrow (King Edward VI Five Ways and Five Ways OE) and lock Sean Young (Bromsgrove School and Worcester).
Bothregion and country are looking to solve their problems in the tigh the ad position, while Yapp is looking for more playing opportunities with the Blues and Wales.
Two and a half hours later, following 32 kilometres of up and down, windy village roads with the great force of the ocean battering my ill-prepared body, I made it to the cliffside cafe, Tigh Slea Head.
In last season's final episode, we learned the identities of four of the final five Cylons embedded on Galactica -- Tigh (Michael Hogan), Tyrol (Aaron Douglas), Samuel T.
John Gidman, the other half of Villa's unsettled international duo, is recalled to right-back after recovering from a tigh strain.
Ba bheag Aoine tar eis an phinsean a tharraingt nach dteinn fein agus Tomas Taobh Istigh isteach tigh Pheadar an Osta, go n-oladh muid cupla gailleog, agus d'insiodh se trid sios agus trid suas dom e .
Heitham Gheriani, FRCSI, FRCSEd; Maky Hafidh, FRSCI; David Smyth, FRCSI; Tigh O'Dwyer, FRCS, FRCSI
Given these commitments, it seems unlikely that the government will achieve a budget approaching balance by 2004 or 2005 without introducing further tigh tening measures.
In a new whitepaper, "Turning an Accounting Requirement into a Competitive Advantage: Plan View and SOP 98-1, 11 Plan View proposes that the same processes and tools implemented to comply with SOP 98-1 can be used to manage IT assets, get maximum productivity from resources, tigh ten cohesion between IT and business units.
Words that end with ghayn feel conclusive, perhaps because they are traveling back into the interior of the sound-making apparatus: bagh, garden, cheragh, lamp, tigh, blade.
As we observed above with respect to the examples in (14) like tigh an tabhairne, the complement is non-referential, and there is nothing more remarkable about them than an expression like cock-of-die-walk in English.