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 (tĭ-gē′nə) or Ben·de·ry (bĕn-dĕr′ē, bĭn-dyĕ′rē) or Ben·der (bĕn-dĕr′)
A city of southern Moldova on the Dniester River northwest of Odessa, Ukraine. A historically strategic gateway to Bessarabia, the city has been controlled at various times by Turkey, Russia, Romania, and the Soviet Union. Transnistria assumed control of Tighina in 1992.
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The contract envisages 3 primary streets (Package 2) in the central area of Chisinau City: 31 August 1989, Alexandru cel Bun and Tighina.
It proclaimed "autonomy", requested and immediately received Russian military aid (a combination of "peacekeepers" and Cossack mercenaries) and annexed the city of Tighina on the right bank.