infinite loop

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n.1.(Computers) a series of instructions in a computer program which, when executed, cause a cyclic repetition of the same instructions, with no other action by the program, for as long as the program continues to be executed, or the loop is interrupted by some external action.
References in classic literature ?
The shield was held by tight loops to his left arm, while in his right hand he grasped his heavy knife.
I find short rods to be very accurate, and my favorite 7 1/2-foot and 8-foot rods allow me to cast tight loops, especially with the sub-9 foot leaders I like.
Silver coated fibres created using this technique are flexible and stretchable, meaning circuits can be easily printed onto many different types of fabric, including wool which is knitted in tight loops.
My personal experience is that tight loops of C-code will generate around four Gflop/s per SPE.
No other garlic variety forms tight loops of one to three coils shortly after the scapes appear.
Her hair was black, gleaming and pulled back severely--almost ruthlessly--into a twisted coil of tight loops at the base of her neck.