tightrope walking

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Tightrope Walking

See also acrobatics.

a person who performs aerial acrobatics, as a trapeze artist, tightrope walker, stunt flier, etc.
the art or skill of tightrope walking. — funambulist, n.
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Noun1.tightrope walking - walking on a tightrope or slack rope
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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Clowning around was encouraged at the Bluecoat Gallery when daring youngsters at the Liverpool arts centre had a go at stilt walking, tight-rope walking and unicycling.
This fact puts the Nation on virtual tight-rope walking how to keep a
This fact puts the Nation on virtual tight-rope walking how to keep a balance between making Urdu as the official language and maintaining English as our outlet to contacts with the outside world, especially western world.
There is tight-rope walking, sliding down bannisters, lock picking, not to mention hidden doorways and a flooding torture chamber.
Cowell said he did not find out until Monday that Jules and Matisse's act - in which viewers also saw dog Skippy - had involved another collie called Chase, who did the tight-rope walking highlight.
The assignment seems simple: capture a tight-rope walking train robber.
So far, Indian Railways have managed to do tight-rope walking by balancing these twin conflicting objectives.
To the traditional circus repertoire of trapeze artistry, tight-rope walking, clowning and balancing on the back of a cantering horse on one leg, they added the swallowing of a neon tube.